Design Sprint intensive workshop

18 - 20 Oct 2019 Mindspace Pipera
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Who should participate? 

This workshop solves a real problem for a real business in the real world.

Entrepreneurs, UX designers, Sprint Facilitators beginners and advanced and anyone who is interested in Design Sprints as an innovation tool.   

Because of the sprint goal (Kickstart a marketing campaign & onboarding process for new users), this sprint can be reused for any company.

Event agenda

Friday (18Oct) - 18:30 - 22:00
- Introductions
- Set a long term goal
- Sprint questions
- The map
Saturday (19Oct) - 10:00 - 17:00
- Ask the experts
- Organize How Might We notes
- Vote on How Might We notes
- Pick a target
- Lightning Demos
- Divide or swarm
- Solution Sketch 
- Sticky decision
- Storyboard
Sunday (20Oct) - 10:00 -17:00
- Prototype
-Customer Interviews


The three days will be spent on hands-on work on the case using the different tools. It is really ‘learning by doing’ because that is at the core of Design Sprints. 

You will practice the following exercises: 

  • Create a map
  • Expert interviews (HMW notes)
  • Solution sketch 
  • Divide or swarm
  • Lightning demos
  • Storyboard
  • Prototyping
  • Customer interviews

The problem we will be solving
A real problem for a real startup in the real world.


The startup: the startup is called Bookups.app an app that helps you discover a city in a new way by finding the people who are interested in the same books or ideas as you. The team has five members.

Sprint goal: Kickstart a marketing campaign & onboarding process for new users

Expected results: Low fidelity prototypes

The bookups team targeted a new customer creating a bookup. If we can establish credibility and create a great experience for someone who never heard of bookups, then every other situation would be easy by comparison.

During the course, you will be working on a particular case but you can also bring in your own case or challenges and reflect during the course on how you would integrate design sprint in your own case.

About the facilitator


Mester Catalin professional design sprint facilitator and evangelist with tens of sprints facilitated for both Corporations and Start-ups.

Innovation designer for Stefanini
Founder I Love Failure
Founder Begin Again - An innovation company
Mentor at Fouder Institute
Founder Robots Factory - An RPA company


We worked with:



What do people say? 


Adina Murariu
Operations Director NN Romania


Catalin facilitated a workshop where we managed to identify severe pain points in an existing process and design a much better one. He was driving us through a simple yet structured approach, with a very open, warm, calm and inclusive attitude, giving us a large amount of space for creativity and analysis which made it possible for all to think differently and come up with new perspectives. I fully recommend Catalin to all who want to innovate.