Cook Your Startup Bucharest

Dec 11, 2017 at 09:30 La firul Ierbii, 160 Splaiul Unirii, Bucuresti
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Workshop on Social Lean Startup at the Unipol Ideas Accelerator [Italy]

Concept: Full Day Workshop which combines lean business modeling with cooking.

Content: During this hands-on collaborative workshop, participants will delve into the methods and the tools to effectively develop their enterprise, and will participate to a dynamic cooking session, held by an experienced Italian chef, which will boost the team building experience of the event.

They will discover how to effectively develop and validate a sustainable strategy while driving the organization’s evolution in short, iterative cycles – to assess what works best for both business and  mission, to learn how to eliminate risk and avoid failure. Also, they will learn how to make these changes for the better: avoiding wasting time, money, and effort building the wrong product or service, and learning to engage their stakeholders throughout the business development.

Participants will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of the lean approach; a refined business strategy and a schedule of short-term actions that will help them save weeks in the development of their enterprise.


Module 1 : Business Modeling

Duration: 1.5 hours

Content: The module begins with an introduction of the key elements of Business Modeling, with a focus on how to balance revenue generating activities. The participants will then build their business model using the Babele Platform, through a dynamic workshop that combines theory, examples and best practices, with the work on the platform, peer-review and mentors’ feedback.

Pics from Different workshops all-over the world


Module 2: Lean Startup

Duration: 1.5 hours

Content We will go through the key techniques to launch a sustainable project in cost-effective way: Lean & Agile approach, analysis of beneficiaries value; validated learning and hypothesis validation; Stakeholders discovery, development and archetype, from the MVP to the go to Market, Cohort analysis and innovation accounting (key performance indicators), social impact measurement, split testing and pivoting. The entire process is Gamified and rich of valuable examples.

An example of our gamified approach
Participants will learn the lean startup through a gamified approach

Module 3: Collaborative Validation

Duration: 2 hours

Content: Participants are involved in a dynamic crowdsourcing session to validate their key assumptions of their social enterprise in a collaborative way, through open feedback. Each project is given 20 minutes to present the strategy and analyze it along with the other peer entrepreneurs. The aim of the exercise is to conceive the most effective action plan to validate the riskiest hypotheses. The Mentor will facilitate the exchange, guiding the discussion towards the creation of solutions that address the challenges of each initiative.


Module 4 Pitch Training

Duration: 1 hour

Content Participants are guided to structure their elevator pitch. They are taught how to adapt their presentation based on the audience and the desired outcome, while avoiding making the most common mistakes. It will follow an elevator pitch session in front of experts and investors. Peer feedback will enable them to refine their approach in an effective and entertaining way.


The cooking

Duration: 1.5 hour

Content: During lunch time, participants are involved in a cooking lesson, which is an incredible team-building exercise that creates several opportunities for networking and collaboration.   

A few cooking sessions from our previous workshops


The Speaker


Emanuele Musa: startup trainer and co-founder of Babele.co

Emanuele is the cofounder of Babele (www.babele.pro): a successful Social Innovation management platform, which supports social ventures from 143 countries to refine their business model through engaging stakeholders and crowd-mentoring.

Together with Ruxandra, other co-founder of Babele, they have held over 40 workshops and boot-camps on social lean-startup, impact business modeling and growth strategies, having trained over 500 social entrepreneurs in 15 countries.

Emanuele is lecturer for international incubators, such as Unipol Ideas (Bologna), FabriQ (Milan), Bridging the Gap (Bucharest), Social Innovation LVIV (Ukraine) as well as Mentor for Startup Weekend and Startup Live (Romania, Cyprus, Albania);

Emanuele is speaker at conferences on social entrepreneurship and open innovation, such as SOCAP (San Francisco), GSBS (Vienna), Crowdsourcing Week (London, Copenhagen and Venice), Ouishare Fest (Paris), Social Innovation Week (Tilburg); and have co-written a book on crowdsourcing for social change.

Previous work experience includes: project management for Procter & Gamble in Paris, financial analysis for AEGIS in London, strategic analysis at Bombardier in Brussels, strategy consulting at Advention Business Partners in Paris and management consulting for IBM in Paris.

Contact info: [email protected]