TEDxBucharest2017 | Uncommon Sense

Nov 22, 2017 at 08:30 Sala Polivalenta Bucuresti
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This edition of TEDxBucharest is going to be held on November 22nd 2017. It will be our biggest event so far with more than 1000 participants and it will be held in Polivalenta Hall in Bucharest. This year's theme will be "Uncommon Sense". What's it about?


While common sense is an ability to perceive and understand things shared to all people, there are those who imagine more, see more and do more. People with the sixth sense looking at the world differently, game changers that use technology for the good of many, innovators that regularly disrupt and celebrate each breakthrough, these are all alchemists of the common. These individuals transform societies, fight preconceptions and update the traditional. And they all have something in common: the uncommon sense.


Uncommon sense represents the inner drive of changing the world for the better, bringing novelty in the daily lives of many and upgrading the traditional along the way. It is the feeling of discovery in the hearts of those searching, the new and improved.