TEDxBucharest | Metamorphosis

Nov 16, 2019 at 09:00 Universitatea Politehnica
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The ways we interact with each other, with the fast changing technology, and with the world itself is different than we used to know. The metamorphosis of the world is happening with a speed that is nothing short of inconceivable and, as a result, it’s overrunning and overwhelming for most of the people.

So, are you everything that you could be?

We often look at ourselves and think: I want to change. Myself, my community, my job, my city, my country. I need to be more innovative, more creative, more human, more present, more dedicated; I need change to happen in my life.

But how to do it? How to transform the caterpillar’s life into an evolved butterfly?

At TEDxBucharest 2019 we will emphasize how our personalities, our interactions, our beliefs and our actions can transform everything around us into something new, something far more better than it is right now – on social, economic, and personal scales.

Challenge your assumptions, be ready for transformation and embrace YOUR Metamorphosis!