JSLeague - Modern Layouting with Flexbox & CSS Grid Online Workshop

May 30, 2020 at 10:00 Zoom
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A new awesome programming workshop for all JS enthusiasts.
We have decided to hold online all our future community events, including our JSLeague - Modern Layouting with Flexbox & CSS Grid Online Workshop. We hope it's the right call given the circumstances and we will do our best to further help the community learn JS technologies. 
When? 30th of May, 10am - 5pm
Where? On Zoom 
1. CSS overview
2. Responsiveness
3. Features of Flexbox & supporting browsers
4. Flex Containers
5. Flex-Direction
6. Flex-Wrap
7. Justifying & Aligning Contents and Self
CSS Grid
1. Introduction
2. Grid container rows & columns
3. Properties for parents & children
4. Grid-template-areas
5. Grid-gap
6. Justifying & aligning items
7. Justifying & aligning content
8. Grid-auto-flow
9. Grid Items
10. Grid-area
-HTML & CSS knowledge
-internet connection 
-laptop & IDE installed