JSLeague - Intro to Vue.js 3 Online Workshop

Jan 30, 2021 at 10:00 Zoom
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A new awesome programming workshop for all JS enthusiasts.
We have decided to hold online all our future community events, including our JSLeague - Intro to Vue.js 3 Online Workshop. We hope it's the right call given the circumstances and we will do our best to further help the community learn JS technologies. 
When? 30th of January, 10am - 5pm
Where? On Zoom 


  1. Fundamental concepts: components, state, templates, reactivity
  2. Single file components (SFCs): template, script, style
  3. Using Vite to quickly bootstrap a Vue 3 application
  4. Brand new Composition API (similar to React hooks): state, props, computeds, event handling
  5. Component templates:
  •   Template text interpolation: {{}}
  •   Binding properties: v-bind, :
  •   (DOM) event handling: v-on, @
  •   Conditional rendering: v-if, v-else-if, v-else
  •   Rendering lists: v-for
  •   Two-way binding for input DOM elements: v-model
      6. Parent ⇄ child communication: props up, events down[if time allows]
      7. Render components outside the DOM hierarchy: Teleport
      8. Customize children's markup (similar to React render props): slots
      9. Async components: Suspense


- VSCode
- Node.js 14 


- Basic bash command line
- Basic git commands
- Basic understanding of web and JavaScript programming