JSLeague - Intro to Node.js Workshop

Mar 28, 2020 at 10:00 Wild Code School Bucharest
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A new awesome programming workshop for all JS enthusiasts. 

This event is a non-profit workshop done for the community. The ticket will cover breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks for the participants. All remaining profits will be used to sustain future community workshops.


Node.js is used nowadays on all the platforms: you can be used to build tools, desktop apps, mobile apps, databases, and more. In this workshop, you’ll get to know the fundamental concepts in Node.js: CLI programming, file system access, asynchrony, streams, HTTP servers & routing and child processes. Come and learn the foundations of Node.js so you can go forward and create great JavaScript apps outside the browser!

Location: Wild Code School Bucharest (Sos Nicolae Titulescu 56, 2nd floor, district 1)

Date: 28th of March, 10am - 5pm


* Installing Node.js and NPM

* Running and debugging a Node.js app

* The node modules system

* Command-line arguments and environment variables

* Working with the file system

* Streams

* Asynchronicity 

* Creating child process

* Basic HTTP operations

* Building a simple Web Server with Koa


  • A basic understanding of JS is required

  • A text editor