JSLeague - Intro to Docker Online Workshop

Oct 24, 2020 at 10:00 Zoom
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A new awesome programming workshop for all JS enthusiasts.
We have decided to hold online all our future community events, including our JSLeague - Intro to Docker Online Workshop. We hope it's the right call given the circumstances and we will do our best to further help the community learn JS technologies. 
When? 24th of Octomber, 10am - 5pm
Where? On Zoom 


Workshop contents:

  1.  Introduction & installation
  2.  Containers and Images
  3.  Docker CLI - Commands and container lifecycle
  4.  Container ports
  5.  Bind Mounts and Volumes
  6.  Building Images - Dockerfile
  7.  Managing Multiple Containers - docker-compose


  1. Software 

           - Code editor

           - Docker (we'll send you instructions on how to install required apps depending on your operating system)

       2.  Knowledge 

           - Basic bash command line 

           - Basic git commands 

           - Basic understanding of web and JavaScript programming (app examples will be written in JavaScript)