JSLeague - ES6 Fundamentals

Sep 21, 2019 at 10:00 TechHub Bucharest
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This event is a non-profit workshop done for the community. The fee is to cover location, breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee for the participants. All remaining profit will be used to sustain future community workshops.

Location: TechHub Bucharest

Date: 21st of September, 10am - 4pm


  1. Setting up a project to use the latest ES with Babel

  2. Block scope variables

  3. Template strings

  4. Enhanced objects

  5. Arrow functions

  6. Classes

  7. Set and Map

  8. Destructuring, spread and rest

  9. ES Modules

  10.  Promises

  11. Iterators Generators and the “for of” loop

  12. Async/await


  • basic JS knowledge
  • laptop & IDE installed