02 - 03 Sep 2022 Hotel Caro
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HOW TO LEAD IN TIMES OF TRANSITION - 2 Days, 9 Countries, 8 Workshops, Networking 


Who is taking the responsibility for the change process in your organization or in your role? Is it the leader, the leadership team, the HR team or the individual? 

How do I motivate my employees in such a way they independently and from their own responsibility perform well, reach their targets and take good initiatives to improve their work results? 

How do I make my colleagues listen to me, to us, so that we at last can tackle our real problems? 


If these questions are part of your daily challenges, we invite you to dialogue and reflect in practical workshops on your concrete situation together with IMO International Consultants active in 9 countries. 


When: 2nd and 3rd of September, 9:30- 17:00, followed by Networking Dinner  

Where: Caro Hotel, Bucharest, Romania, 164A, Barbu Vacarescu Blv. 

Who: IMO International is a Community of active Consultants in eleven countries. They are working as development partners with their clients in the following areas: 

·         Organizational Development, working with processes and flows in the context of the development phases of the organization and the biography of the professionals that are part of the organization. 

·         Teams’ Development, working on building autonomous teams with the main objective to stimulate people to identify problems in their working processes and take initiatives in solving them together with other team members using dialogue, perceptions and movement. 

·         Self-leadership Development, supporting individuals, to gain new competencies in taking responsibility for their work processes in the context of their biography and the teams they are part of. 


For questions and special requests you can contact us at: [email protected]  

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