Future Summit 2019

Nov 28, 2019 at 09:00 Palatul Universul
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The 4th edition of the Innovations for Tomorrow Conference, now called Future Summit takes place on 28 November at Palatul Universul (Str Ion Brezoianu, 23-25). We look at how AI, 5G and IoT are transforming industries and business models. What are the implications of the Climate Crisis and solutions for cleaner mobility and cities. How the Future of Work and Education is about computers and hearts. How digital identities of the Future transform relationships, rules and life. And, of course, what living longer means for all of us. More about Future Summit here: https://future-summit.org/

Registrations start at 08:30 at Palatul Universul, Building B

Speakers include:

Patrick Nathen, Lilium - Founder of a 5 people electric flying taxi
Claudia Pavarini, International Energy Agency - Expert in the future of energy
Simon Harris, ZapGo - Ultra-fast charging alternative to Li-Ion batteries
Tristram Stuart, Author, Global Activist for Food Waste
Dennis Karpes, Co-founder of Just Diggit - reforestation of Africa
Danny Goh, Nexus Frontier Tech - Learn to integrate AI into your organization
Giorgio Cortiana, EON - How global energy actors look at AI & Data
Jonathan Weiss, HealthEngine: Connecting healthcare companies & patients
Dragoș Stanca, Upgrade 100: How our digital future looks like
Claudia Pedersen, UiPath: How the Workforce of the Future looks like
Anamaria Vrabie, Cluj Urban Innovation Unit: How could Bucharest look like in 2030
Oana Gheorghiu, Daruiește Viață:How could Bucharest look like in 2030
Tamina Lolev, NOD Makerspace: How could Bucharest look like in 2030
Gabriel Sidor, Uipath: How industries look at automation
Vlad Mixich, European Public Health Alliance: Future of healthcare in a digital world
Florin Stoican, Văcărești Natural Park: The Future of Planet Earth
Bogdan Rațiu,„Bolyai Farkas” High-school, Târgu Mureș: The future of education in Romania
Andrada Mazilu, „Nikolaus Lenau” School, Timișoara: The future of education in Romania

Participants to the Summit can also attend some of the over 40 pitches from our Future Makers business incubator, aiming to get one of the 7 prizes at the end of the Summit. Awards total 20.000 euro.

Future Summit 2019 is space for conversations about innovation, future trends and technology's impact on society. A gathering of ideas, leaders and innovators for a better Future. A meeting of the wonderers, the action-oriented and the forward-thinkers.